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Mini golf now available!
Prairie Storm Paintball is your #1 destination for paintball in Saskatchewan. We take pride in offering creatively designed fields which are clean and well maintained.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to make sure you and your friends have a great time, while safely enjoying paintball at its best. Whether it's a birthday party, a stag, work event, or just getting together to shoot your friends, it's always a good time at Prairie Storm.
All packages include the following:
Intro Package
per person
  • 100
  • Advanced Package
    per person
  • 200
  • Elite Package
    per person
  • 500
  • Low Impact!
    Mini Paintball
    per person
  • 100 Mini
    Pod of 140 - $14
    2 pods 280 - $26
    Bags of 500 - $40
    Cases of 2000 - $130

    Aftermath: (medium)
    Buses, cement trucks, helicopters, towers, you name it, Aftermath has it.

    Barnyard: (large)
    Our most requested map has been in existence for over 12 years and keeps getting better! Every season we add more features to Barnyard to keep you guessing.

    Juno Beach: (medium)
    Juno Beach is near and dear to our hearts, though one of our coolest maps, Juno is only avaliable upon special request as it was built for our epic annual WWII reenactment. Can't hurt to ask, though!

    King of the Hill: (large)
    This is the last of our remaining original maps from our early days. Built in 2006, just two years after our opening in 2004, King of the Hill in an overflow map that's mostly used for special events such as DDay and Monsterball and was made, as the name suggests, for a king of the hill game type.

    Nuketown: (mini paintball)
    Mini paintball is a fast growing addition to the paintball industry. It's all the fun of regular paintball but packs a lighter punch. The markers (guns) are smaller, lighter, and are loaded with paintballs that are half the normal size. Ages 7+ will have a blast playing mini paintball on Nuketown!

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